Monday, June 20, 2011

perfectly us...

Big, comfy chair + a decaf caramel macchiato + my favorite quilt = ready to blog!
After almost two years of being married, I have decided it is time to write down our story. It is perfectly us.
Summer of 2008: I worked as a Children’s Ministry Intern and J came as the new Associate Minister of music. The church secretaries worked quite diligently to convince the two of us there was a love connection.

August 2008: They finally succeed when both J and I accompanied the youth group to a Braves Game the night before I left for a mission trip to Canada.

This would be the night he asked for my number and I received numerous funny, encouraging, and crazy text messages and phone calls during my mission trip to Canada.

Next, he came home for dinner with my family which consisted of a game of Apples to Apples and my parents mother convinced him to join us for my surprise 21 birthday party at the lake house.

our first picture together

This would be the night Dad's boat almost sank and J earned his place in the family by helping the boys save the beloved boat.

September 2008: J and I flew home to Deland, FL to spend the weekend with his family. First time J spoke those three really important words to me: i love you. Sweet memories.

October 2008: For my 21st birthday, J bought me tickets to see Wicked at the Fox. Such a fun night.

October was also the month that God confirmed that marriage was in our future. Crazy. Lots of time in prayer along with recieving a blessing from both sets of parents and some very important friends meant J started planning the proposal and he went ring shopping with my mom. 

November 17, 2008: Operation Proposal

Proposal: LaGrange College Park
After Party: The Warehouse at FBC


With just eight months before I became Mrs. Spencer, the days were filled with sweet memories of wedding planning with my mom, attending seven wedding showers (so blessed!), a beach trip with my girls, and fun times with J as we prepared for marriage. Some of my favorite memories!

Coming up next: Wedding Post!