Friday, July 6, 2012

3 Years Later...

After J proposed on November 17, 2008, we set out to plan a worship service to honor the Lord and join our hearts together in marriage.

I am forever grateful to my mom, an event coordinator at heart, who helped me see every single detail that had to be planned, laughed with me until we cried many times, and made it such an enjoyable experience. I love you, Daddy, and will always be grateful you set the standard so high for how my husband would love me. You will always be the first man I ever loved!

We spent the Friday before finalizing the details, loving on family and friends, rehearsing for the big day, and reminiscing at the rehearsal dinner.

Saturday morning FINALLY came and after getting ready at a sketch hotel, my girls and I headed to LaGrange for the bridesmaid’s breakfast, hair appointments, and a trip to Wal-Mart. While all of this was happening, J and his boys were shooting skeet in LG.

While J and I were enjoying the day with our family and friends, a precious friend from church, who is a decorating genius, was putting the final touches on decorations for the ceremony and reception while my talented aunt was busy putting the flowers together.

J and I chose to see each other before the wedding, so when the moment we had reverently prayed for finally came, my heart was beating out of control. It was a moment filled with tears, smiles, laughter, and praises to our Heavenly Father.

The next several hours were spent taking pictures, laughing with our wedding party, and waiting on 5:30pm to finally arrive.

Two things I will forever cherish about our wedding:
1. J composed the piece the musicians played as my Dad walked me down the aisle.
2. My veil was handmade from my grandmother’s wedding dress. Mammy and Pappy enjoyed fifty years of marriage, loved the Lord and His church, raised four children, and spoiled nine grandchildren. What a legacy!

After a wedding reception filled with music, yummy food, a coffee bar, and sweet family and friends, it was time to say goodbye.

Three years into our marriage, we have added a baby, moved four times, and made incredible memories together. What a blessing that God has chosen us to experience a journey that represents His love relationship with the church!

“I have found the one whom my soul loves.” Song of Songs 3:4

*Photo Credit: Daniel Menacher


  1. Such a sweet blog post! Happy anniversary to you and John!

  2. WHAT? You blog? Yay! SOOO glad to follow you even more closely now! You inspire me!