Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Journey from Bride to Wife

Today J and I celebrate 203 days of marriage and yet I realize I am still becoming a wife. After sealing our love before friends and family on July 11, 2009, I wore the title of wife with pride yet I knew very little about being one. Yes, I was a glowing bride, but the road to becoming a wife is an on-going journey that I had just begun on that precious day. My first moments as a wife came when we made our first big and difficult decision together and when we packed up our home to move hours away from everything that was comfortable to us. It also came in the small moments when I stood in line at the Driver Services office to upgrade my license with my new last name and when I ordered my first box of checks that proudly proclaimed not only my new last name but also my husband’s name to signify my first ever joint-checking account. Or the many times I admitted my faults in our communication struggles and strived to improve and the times I slaved in a kitchen to ensure my husband came home to a full meal cooked with love. Then there are the times I find myself overtaken with pride for the man of God I married as he leads our flock in pure worship of the Lord. My journey to becoming a wife will continue when I become a mother and he a father and when we face the difficult times of saying goodbye to those whom we love immensely. It will continue with the daily challenges of grocery shopping, doing laundry, leading and loving those in our flock here in Hartwell, and so on. Yes, I am 203 days into my journey of becoming a wife and I understand better now than ever, that it is not merely an experience or a moment that makes a woman a wife, but instead it comes through walking the daily journey.

Lord continue to lead me on this lifelong journey of becoming a Godly wife. It is my desire to lead the life of a Godly woman and wife through every stage of life.

*This entry was written on 1-30-2010*

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