Saturday, October 30, 2010


Today as I was leaving the church, I drove past our AO House and was astounded to see the huge crowd gathered around the door in hopes of finding food, clothes, and other personal items. I know of the huge need our society is facing due to these tough economic times, but nonetheless, seeing this crowd formed of many races and ages pulled on my heart a little more than usual today. My experience this morning and the holiday season has urged me to take a step back, count my blessings, and offer thanks to a holy God who has given me much more than I deserve.

Here are just a few of things I am thankful for:
1. A Heavenly Father who covers me in his perfect love even though I deserve none of it
2. A handsome, witty, intelligent husband who serves as the spiritual leader of our home
3. A mom and dad who offer consistent love and support through life's journey
4. In-laws who love me as one of their own and offer their consistent support through life's journey
5. Hilarious brothers who bring such joy to my life
6. Precious brother-in-laws and sister-in-laws, especially John's sister, who is like the sister I never had
7. Sweet TSFs who understand me better than any other friend, despite the distance that separates us
8. A giving church family that functions as the body of Christ
9. Nieces and Nephews and shopping for their Christmas presents - love it!
10. A comfortable bed to sleep in and wonderful pillow to lay my head on
11. Our home
12. The lake house and the wonderful memories made there
13. Two working cars that are paid for
14. Our trip to the aquarium and ice skating plan for tomorrow and sweet memories made with J

Thank you Almighty God for the many, many, many blessing you have given me despite my sinful ways. May I never take them for granted and always be mindful of the gracious love you have poured out on my life.

*This entry was written on 11-24-2009*

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